An Extraordinary Time of Transformation 

The health care industry is in the midst of a revolution of therapeutic advances in biotechnology and oncology. Never before have we seen such promising treatments enter the marketplace with such unbridled excitement and anticipation, yet face so many challenges. From specialty drug administration to restrictive access through clinical pathways or formularies, today’s biotechnology and oncology products need proven strategic support in managed markets channels more than ever.

Who We Are

Bioeclipse is a premier biopharma communications agency specializing in the oncology and biotechnology markets that innovatively tackles the access and reimbursement challenges of today, with insight into the market landscape of tomorrow. 

Preparing for Tomorrow’s Market Successes Today

Manufacturers of late-stage oncolytics and in-development biologics require strategic insight and expertise to prepare for market launch so that they can optimize access and reimbursement. We are committed to delivering innovative, customer-centric, results-driven solutions that support all payer customer channels for our clients.

Transforming Market Access 

Experience truly does matter in the specialty and oncology spaces. Our experience-based Bioeclipse teams have played pivotal roles in the launches of some of the most recent drug superstars. We feel proud and privileged to have partnered with our clients to bring treatments to market that have transformed their therapeutic categories.

Why We’re Passionate

The treatments reaching the market today are new and novel agents in areas of vast unmet need, poised to treat—or nearly cure—diseases ranging from the very rare to the most life-threatening. Being part of this incredible transformation inspires us to

  • be thought provoking and forward thinking
  • exceed expectations
  • deliver innovative solutions with proven results 

Key Contact

Mike Webster, Managing Partner