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Welcome to ORION, our Health Economics & Outcomes Research entity focused on improving healthcare outcomes through the generation of innovative insights and actionable analytics.

At the helm of ORION are established, industry-leading professionals who understand customer needs and perspectives on multiple therapeutic categories; identify top scientific evidence needs for formulary or pathway decision-making; develop and execute on an evidence generation plan; and deliver resources to effectively demonstrate product value.

Our key areas of emphasis center on the value and significance of patient outcomes and real-world evidence (RWE).We offer customized RWE experiences from a diverse and integrated set of data sources.

At ORION, we

  • Build strong partnerships through collaboration
  • Enable strategic, timely, and relevant generation of RWE
  • Optimize with medical/commercial teams via RWE strategies and tactics
  • Drive targeted RWE innovation
  • Enhance application of RWE and tools to decision making

Spanning across multiple therapeutic areas and the drug development lifecycle, ORION RWE service offerings include:

  • Retrospective outcomes analysis
  • Prospective outcomes analysis
  • Economic assessment and modeling
  • Insight dashboards

These offerings help answer various research queries our clients have concerning treatment effectiveness, economic outcomes, and productivity and matching.

We generate RWE for our clients across a variety of research and commercial areas, including comparative effectiveness, resource use and costs, treatment patterns, population health and accessibility, personalized medicine, and treatment pathways and guidelines, among others. Prospective studies, economic models, retrospective studies, and commercial data are just some of the multiple tools that our professionals leverage to generate and synthesize meaningful RWE for our clients.

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Alfonso Garbayo, MBA
Senior Vice President, HEOR
Jennifer Black-Shinn, MPH, PhD
HEOR Senior Director, HEOR
Melva Covington, MPH, MBA, PhD
Director, HEOR