Government Policy Systems

Government Policy Systems, or GPS, is the government policy division of The Access Group. GPS delivers expert insight and content regarding health care government, policy, and system issues through unparalleled access to relevant industry experts, databases, and research facilities.

Changing Health Care Environment Impacts Payers, Providers, and Institutions

The GPS team understands the interconnectivity of the drivers of health care change and can focus on the areas that will influence the ways in which payers structure insurance plans, and in which providers and institutions—including long-term care (LTC)—manage patient care. We develop impactful programs to address our clients’ issues relevant to market access, change, government, and policy, from the impact of the Affordable Care Act to payment reform to emerging models of care.

The Growth of the LTC Market

In addition, our GPS experts develop innovative campaigns for our pharma client partners who provide therapies to the LTC market. This is a significant market, with $16.2 billion in prescription medications used in 2011. Currently, there are 9 million patients in LTC, which is projected to increase to 12 million patients by 2020, representing substantial growth and opportunities for the pharmaceutical market. GPS is at the forefront of creating LTC initiatives that will maximize your brand’s potential and competitive edge in this unique and growing market segment.

Let us show you how our experience and acumen makes GPS uniquely positioned to help your brand navigate the complexities of today’s government health care policy and systems.

Key Contact

Richard Stefanacci, DO, MGH, MBA, AGSF, CMD